Using Centrifugal Fans For Hazardous And Explosive Gases

Hazardous gases are sometimes produced by industrial processes and there are some cases where an area may not have enough breathable oxygen. It is important to use a gas detection meter in order to determine whether the air is safe to breathe. Once the air has been determined to be unsafe to breathe, it is a good idea to use the appropriate fan.

Centrifugal Fan Use

Centrifugal fans play a major role in removing hazardous gases during certain industrial operations. They also supply air so that those working in hazardous locations can breathe safely. It is especially important to use a centrifugal blower in a confined space, which is one of the most dangerous. Because of the importance of centrifugal blowers, they must be approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. 

Centrifugal fans that are used to remove hazardous waste must be explosion-proof so that they will be able to continue operating even if the conditions that the hazardous gas is placed under leads to a violent explosion. It is very common for companies to not be aware of the explosive hazards of a location and to use a normal centrifugal fan when an explosion-proof fan is necessary. The blowers that are resistant to explosions have aluminum casings. Less common are fans that are made of steel or stainless steel. 

Fan Safety

It is important to use centrifugal fans in a safe manner. Make sure that there is nothing inside the fan that can be ejected that could lead to an injury. If the blower is electric, it must always be grounded. Make sure that the worker is trained on how to use the centrifugal fan. 

Understanding Zones

Know the type of zone you will be working in to understand the safety conditions and the type of blower that will be needed. A zone 0 is a zone where explosive gases are constantly present. A zone 1 is an area where an explosive gas is likely to exist during normal operations. A zone 2 is one where an explosive mixture is unlikely and if it does occur, it will not last for a long time. It is important to consider not only explosive vapors that might be produced, but also explosive dusts. The failure to choose the right fan or to use it correctly can have extreme consequences. But if the fans are used properly, they will make work possible that would otherwise be unsafe. Contact a company, like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., for more help.