Aerospace Hardware: Before You Buy

Whatever the reason you need to acquire bolts, nuts and other aerospace hardware, just as with anything else you purchase, you want to ensure that the pieces are affordable and will work properly when you get them. You're more likely to get the right pieces from good vendors with these tips.

Be Sure About What You Need

While you may be the person responsible for placing the hardware order, you might not be exactly sure about what is needed. Don't assume one bolt is the same as the other; often there can be material requirements or weight requirements that need to be taken into consideration. Talking with your engineers and other members on your team can reinforce your own knowledge and give you the accurate information you need to confidently purchase specific pieces.

Check for Military Fasteners

An easy way to figure out whether you're dealing with a reputable vendor is to seek out the military fasteners they offer. Military fasteners are those with a military specification, such as AN, NAS or MS. These designations indicate that they meet the high standards put in place by the armed forces of the United States, Typically, military fasteners are sturdier and withstand more pressure than some other hardware. If a vendor offers this kind of quality, they might be worth purchasing from. Ask about specific military certifications for pieces you may buy.

Check Warranties

Before you even buy one nut or bolt, investigate the warranty information for any vendor you're considering in addition to any manufacturer warrant. Different companies have their own guidelines and requirements regarding what you need to do to keep the warranty intact. For instance, if you purchase hardware for an aircraft that will regularly reach certain altitudes, you could void the warranty on those pieces if they were not made for that purpose.

Call Customer Service

It may seem a bit bizarre to call customer service before you even place your hardware order, However, doing this can prevent anger and frustration if you do order pieces and cannot speak with anyone knowledgeable. Calling now, while you're calm, will give you some idea of how a vendor handles incoming calls from paying customers. If the wait seems too long or you receive a series of automated prompts without ever speaking to a single human, you may consider vendors with better customer service.

With these factors in your thoughts as you seek out vendors, you can be wiser about your choices. Contact a few aerospace hardware vendors, such as Milcom Supply & Manufacturing Inc., to discuss your specific needs.