How A Teardrop Pallet Racking System Can Help Organize Your Garage

A teardrop pallet racking system is one that has posts with holes that are almost the shape of tear drops, hence the name of the racking system. You can easily set the racks up by taking what will be the side posts and slide their bolt-like pieces into the teardrop holes on the standing posts. Once all the metal pieces have been put in place, you can put the wood shelves in. These can be great shelves to help you organize your garage and you can learn some of the reasons why by reading the information provided here:

A teardrop racking system can be put up and taken down quickly

The fact that you can put up or disassemble these teardrop pallet racking systems so quickly makes it great to use for your garage organization needs. It means you can put up a shelf or two as you need them, without designating an entire day to building them. In fact, they can be put up more like in a manner of a few minutes of time. If you decide you no longer need that rack, then you can take it down quickly as well.

A teardrop racking system can be set up just how you need it

Another huge benefit to this type of racking system is having the ability to make them as tall or as long as you need them to be. You can have them go to the ceiling, or you can have them go up just a few levels. You can also have just one put in a small area, or you can have them span the length of an entire wall. You can also change your mind later and remove a portion, or add to it.

A teardrop racking system can be put up by one person, if necessary

While it will be much easier to put the racking system up if you have a helper, you can do it on your own if you must. The fact that there aren't any very heavy parts for you to worry about getting hurt by makes it pretty safe to do it yourself. The easiest way will be to put it together on the ground, then lift it up, set it where you want it and then put the shelving boards in place. Once the boards are all securely in place, you can begin using the shelves.