New Job Got You Working With Hot Tar? Safety Tips To Help You Avoid Injuries

If your new job requires you to work with hot tar, you'll need to take precautions to avoid injuries and heat-related illnesses. Even if you have experience in the roofing business, hot tar roofing is a different thing altogether. Don't end up with work-related injuries, or illnesses. Instead, use the tips provided here to keep you safe while you're on your new job.

Always Wear Appropriate Gear

Working with hot tar is a dangerous job. The tar you'll be working with is hot enough to leave third-degree burns if it touches your body. To prevent debilitating injuries, you should always wear the appropriate gear. First, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Avoid pockets on the shirts, and cuffs on the pants. This will prevent tar from getting on your arms or legs, or getting stuck in pockets and cuffs. You'll also need to wear protective goggles over your eyes, and steel-toed boots on your feet. The tar will be hot, so pay close attention to the soles of your shoes. You don't want them to start melting in the heat.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Because you'll be working with hot tar, the weather will play a big role in your health and safety throughout the day. If you'll be working through the summer, try to get the bulk of your tar work done during the early morning hours. If you must work in the scorching heat, keep plenty of water nearby, and try to take frequent breaks in a shady area. If you feel yourself getting sick, or weak, or developing a headache, stop working.

Remove Flammable Materials

Hot tar is extremely flammable. Because of that, you'll need to remove all flammable materials from the work area, including flammable gases and liquids. You should also pay close attention to any power lines that might be in the area. A spark from a power line could ignite the tar, creating a serious safety risk.

Take Care with the Hot Tar Hose

If you're going to be working with a hot tar hose, you'll need to take special precautions to keep you, and others safe. Be sure to point the hose away from people and to keep others clear of the area while the tar is flowing. It's also important that you apply the hot tar directly to the roofing surface, instead of using buckets for the application. Bucket applications are much more likely to lead to serious burns, especially if the buckets fall over during application. For more tips on safely using a tar hose, contact suppliers like Copperstate Hose.

If you're going to be working with hot tar, take precautions to avoid serious injuries. The tips provided here will help create a safe work environment for you and your co-workers.