Need A New Grease Trap In Your Restaurant? A Few Reasons To Go With Plastic

As a restaurant owner, you know the importance of having a grease trap. If the one you currently have is leaking, the smell in your kitchen is probably quite rank. Of course, since the door to the kitchen is constantly being opened and closed, the stench has probably wafted through to your dining area. You need to replace the trap as soon as possible to avoid losing all your customers. When you go to pick out the new one, go for one made of plastic. Here are a few reasons you will be glad you did.


Plastic grease traps have polyethylene as their main material. This makes them durable. They will not rust the way a metal one will or crack the way a concrete one does. It is common to place a plastic unit inside a cracked concrete one to save from having to try to repair the concrete.

Chemical Resistance

Units made of concrete are porous. This means that acids and salts can easily adhere to the walls, causing corrosion. While metal is not porous, it must be properly coated to prevent chemicals from damaging it. The plastic components used for grease traps will not be affected by any chemicals that may be in the water or cleaning solutions that will be going through it.


Grease and fat can easily adhere to the sides of concrete and metal units. This provides a breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria can migrate up through the plumbing and end up in your sink, which can then spread through the air or on peoples' hands to cause illness. Plastic units are smooth and slick so that the grease and fats do not stick to the sides and promote bacterial growth.


Due to the slick sides of a plastic grease trap, cleaning it is not the same greasy mess as it is with other types. In most cases, once you have removed the sludge from the unit, you can simply use hot water to clean it out. You will not need to scrub the inside or use harsh cleansers to get it clean. Other types require a lot more work and time, especially if there is a clog.

Keeping your grease trap operating efficiently is important to the operation and health of your restaurant. Using a plastic grease interceptor is the best way to ensure everything keeps running the way it should.