Types Of Helicopter Long Lines, What They Are, And What They Can Do For You

When you want to transport something very quickly, but there is next to no road headed into an area or out of an area, you engage the services of a helicopter pilot. The pilot then utilizes one or more long lines to lift the item or items you want transported and delivered. Here is more information on what helicopter long lines are, different types available, and what they can do for you.

What Long Lines Are

Long lines are long, strong cable lines that can wrap around and hold onto goods for shipment. They are long because the helicopter needs to keep objects away from its spinning blades, and items being transported by the helicoopter have a tendency to sway slightly. Shorter lines could get caught on the blades, jamming them up and causing the helicopter to crash, or cutting the cargo loose from on high. The lines have been carefully tested and proven safe for use by helicopters to transport cargo boxes and other objects through the air short distances (i.e., distances that only use up about half to two-thirds of the fuel, leaving the helicopter enough fuel for the return flight).

Types of Long Lines

There are various types of long lines. You may see the helicopter with one, two, three, or four lines extending from the underbelly of the helicopter, or from the open doors of the vehicle. All of these lines are durable cables that are burrn-proof, cut-proof, and snag-proof. You may also see hooks, hook buckets (for the transport of water to forest fires), and even nets for transporting massive amounts of goods to areas that are in need of supplies but do not have safe places for the helicopters to land.

What Long Lines Can Do for You

If you hire a helicopter to transport something, and the owner/pilot has all manner of long lines at his/her disposal, you can transport logs, water, shipping crates, multiple care packages, a car, several gallons of water, a chunk of ice from a fjord, any and every sort of tank (including a new septic tank or a water tower tank), etc., etc.. If it is heavy, but not too heavy, and it needs to go where people, trucks, trains, and boats cannot go, then a helicopter with long lines is what you need. The only thing left to do is to find a helicopter charter company and a pilot.