Things to Remember Before Renting a Beam Lift

A beam lift is a useful device for any construction site or warehouse. It can allow you to lift especially large or awkwardly sized materials that your forklift or other lifting devices won't be able to handle. Long sheets of metal, for example, could be lifted to your workers up towards the top of the construction site. If your company doesn't currently have a beam lift available, one solution would be to consider talking to a beam lift rental company instead of investing thousands of dollars in buying one yourself. But before you pull the trigger, here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Make Sure You Have the Attachments to Keep the Load in Place

A beam lift is typically attached to a hook, and the beam hangs off of the hook with the materials on top of it as it is raised up. While the hook will obviously keep the beam attached, you also need to make sure that the materials on the beam will stay put. Talk to your beam rental company about what types of materials you are going to lift so they can ensure that you will have the right kind of fasteners and other attachments to get the job done. A beam lift is supposed to make lifting large objects easier, but things can quickly go bad if something becomes unsecured halfway up to the top.

Make Sure You Have an Operator Who Can Handle It

You likely have a variety of workers in your warehouse or at your construction site who are used to handling heavy-duty equipment. But a beam lift can take a certain kind of finesse and expertise because it is so much larger than some of your other lifting equipment. If you don't have an operator who is certified on a beam lift, consider hiring a temporary contractor or ask the rental company if they provide operators to go along with the rental when needed.

Know How Heavy Your Load Is and Then Don't Push Your Luck

Beam lifts come in different shapes and sizes. You need to communicate the maximum load you will have on your beams to the rental company before they bring one out to your location. Once this weight total is set, don't try and push your luck and overload the beam. This will create an unstable situation that could lead to injury or worse. If it turns out you need a bigger or stronger beam lift, contact the rental company about switching out what you have.