4 Different Types Of Diamond Tooling

Diamond tools are powerful and highly specialized. They are used for specific types of work and particular kinds of projects.

Type #1: Resin Bond

Resin bonds are a specific type of diamond tooling that is used for concrete polishing. It can also be used for light grinding. Resin bonding tools are usually divided into two different categories: wet resin tools and dry resin tools. The type you need depends on the type of polishing and grinding you are doing.

Type #2: Metal Bonding

One of the most popular types of diamond tools is metal bond tools. Metal bond tools are used for concrete grinding. With metal diamond tooling, there are different levels of strength. You can find tools that are either soft, medium, or hard. The strength of the diamond metal tooling impacts the type of concrete you can work with using the tool. For example, if you are working on soft concrete, you will want to use a hard metal bonding diamond tool.

Type #3: Polycrystalline Diamond 

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tooling are diamond tools that are made with synthetic diamonds. Basically, all types of diamond tooling can be made using PCD. Using synthetic diamonds instead of real diamonds for construction tools can help to drive down the cost you pay for the tools. Additionally, tools made with synthetic diamonds often operate with a higher level of consistency, and they last longer than natural diamonds. PCD is primarily used for diamond tools that are used to prepare the surface of the concrete by removing things that are stuck to the concrete, such as coatings and glues.

Type #4: Transitional

Transitional diamond tools are those that are made to fulfill two functions. Transitional diamond tools are made for both polishing and grinding. They are hybrid tools designed to all for the harsher actions of cutting and grinding with a metal tool while also having a gentler side. These transitional tools can do gentler things, such as polishing, which were traditionally reserved for resin tools. With transitional diamond tooling, you can cut, grind, and polish all at once using a single tool. The tool may wear down faster, as it is doing a lot of actions all at once.

When you are looking at diamond tooling, you need to consider what type of concrete you will be working with and if you are cutting, grinding, or polishing the concrete, as that will impact the type of tooling you need for the job.