The Benefits Of Teardrop Pallet Racks

When it comes to pallet racks for your warehouse or another workspace, you have many options to choose from. However, teardrop pallet racks are often the best choice. These racks are named for the teardrop feature found at their sides. This small feature is what makes them easier to use than many other common options. Furthermore, they provide other unique benefits as well.


With teardrop pallet racks, simple load beams and clips are used for added security, ensuring that all of your stored and stacked items stay in place.

However, the clips used with these racks are not stationary. Thus, it's easy to remove the clips and efficiently change the height of the racking system as needed. When your needs and loads change regularly, this versatility is highly valuable.


Well-made teardrop pallet racks are incredibly strong and sturdy. They can safely hold a large amount of weight, providing you choose the correct racks for your needs.

Despite their strength, however, they are surprisingly lightweight. This makes them easy to lift and move as needed. Not only does this facilitate faster, easier changes in your workspace configuration, but it also allows for easier storage and retrieval of pallet racks.


Users of teardrop pallet racks also love how simple these racks are to put together. Many of them are even boltless. As a result, they can typically be assembled and ready for use in just a matter of minutes.

If you have a workspace with changing needs or just don't have time to waste, this system should be perfect for you.


Some pallet racks can make it incredibly difficult to access a specific pallet. If the items you need are not at or near the top, then you have to go through an arduous, time-consuming process in order to retrieve them.

With teardrops systems, on the other hand, you can directly access each pallet and its contents with ease.


Finally, if you already have a standard pallet racking system in place, don't worry. In most cases, you won't have to overhaul your entire system in order to begin using teardrop pallet racks.

These racks can work with just about any type of racking system, making it possible to work better and smarter without changing everything else in the process.

Ultimately, there are plenty of pallet racks to choose from, but teardrop pallet racks may be right for you.

For more information, contact a warehouse equipment supplier and ask about teardrop pallet racks.