The Benefits Of Using Brass Metal To Create Your Products

When it comes to choosing a metal to create your next invention or product, there are of course lots of choices out there. Steel and aluminum offer key benefits like durability or being generally affordable. If you are looking to switch things up though or create a more unique looking product, it might be time to look into using brass metal when it's time to design or produce your company's next invention. Here are just some of the reasons why brass might be the right metal for your next build.

Brass Offers Unique Durability Thanks to Being Two Different Metals Combined Together

Brass is an alloy metal that is actually a combination of two other materials: zinc and copper. There are a variety of ways to create brass using zinc and copper including forging it, casting it and so on, but regardless of how you end up a the final result, the combination of zinc and copper together has demonstrated a clear track record when it comes to long-term durability. You and your customers can have confidence that the final products you create will stand the test of time.

No Issues With Rust or Corrosion

One of the leading reasons why brass is considered to be durable and relatively hassle-free is because the unique combination of zinc and copper ensures that you won't have to deal with any issues like rust or corrosion. This could be especially beneficial if you are making a brass fixture or any kind of product that will be outdoors or otherwise exposed to the elements.

You Have a Lot of Different Visual Options When It Comes to the Final Product

Brass is also unique because it can look very modern or more like an antique depending on how you decide to finish the product or bring it all together. You could polish the brass and allow it give off a bright shine, or you could finish it in a way that will make it give off an intentionally distressed or brushed look in order to give off more of an antique feel. The point is, using brass as your material gives you visual options. It's also more likely to stand the test of time in someone's home even if it does start to show wear and tear. Bright-looking brass that slowly takes on more wear as the years go by will essentially be developing that "antique" look on its own and many homeowners may enjoy keeping the brass fixture or other product in their house even when it's clearly no longer in new condition. 

For more information, contact a local brass metal supply store.