Fire Extinguishers — Setup Tips For Commercial Buildings

If you own a commercial building, you need to have fire extinguishers inside it just in case there's a fire threat. Once you find some that you want to buy, here are some useful installation tips that can help you get them in place successfully.

Choose the Right Setup Location

Once your fire extinguishers are shipped to your commercial site, you need to figure out the best place to install them. You might have a couple of viable options. Start with determining where fire threats are present in your building. You want the extinguishers to be near these areas so that your fire response can be immediate and thus limit the damage a fire can have.

You also need a space that's easy to access and thus free of obstructions. Just go around your commercial building and mark off areas you think are a good choice. Then you can continue to narrow down the options based on the way your building is laid out. 

Review Installation Codes

Something you need to acknowledge before you set up fire extinguishers in your commercial building is installation codes. They will dictate what you need to achieve with these setups, so make sure you take time to go through these regulations one by one.

You might need to mount these extinguishers a certain distance from the ground and use certain hardware for instance. Just look up extinguisher installation codes for your specific area. Then you'll have no doubts about what to achieve with each fire extinguisher setup.

Have Extinguishers Inspected by a Professional After They're Installed 

Once you get done setting up fire extinguishers in your commercial building, it's a good idea to have a professional come out and inspect your work. This way, you can trust there aren't any issues with the way these extinguishers were mounted. An inspector can check out your mounting hardware and verify each extinguisher will remain in place long-term.

If there are potential issues you might have overlooked, the inspector can show you what to do going forward. Not only does this help you pass fire-related inspections, but it ensures you can always use fire extinguishers in an optimal manner when warranted. 

If you just purchased new fire extinguishers for your commercial building, make sure you maximize this investment by setting them up correctly the first time. If you take your time, put together plans, and get help from professionals, you can avoid issues. 

Reach out to a fire extinguisher supplier to learn more.